Microsoft Edge 89 Update Is Out Now !!!

New Features : Sleeping Tabs, Vertical Tabs etc

Microsoft released a new stable version of its Edge web browser on March 4, 2021. Microsoft Edge 89.0.774.45. It is a security and feature update that is available for all supported platforms.

To update your browser for now you have to do it manually or you'll receive that update automatically in few days

So What's New In This Update?

In This New Update, Microsoft has introduced sleeping tabs, vertical tabs, intensive throttling to improve the browser’s performance and startup boost (a new feature that will significantly reduce the launch time of Edge on Windows 10).

1. Sleeping Tabs

By Default, The browser will put all the inactive tabs to sleep, this will reduce CPU and RAM(memory) usage, The tabs which is inactive will get faded out which means the specific tab is set to sleep now by this you can check the tabs if they were set to sleep or not. Microsoft has observed that it reduces CPU Usage by 26% on average compared to a non-sleeping tab.

2. Startup Boost

Startup boost is a new feature that will boost the load times by up to 41% depending on your Windows device. When enabled, Startup boost will start Microsoft Edge processes in the background when a device is powered on. As a result, Edge will launch faster, especially if you close it and restart your device, and open it again.

3. Intensive Throttling

This was a feature created by Google engineers for Chromium. This feature is supposed to reduce resources usage by prioritizing your active tab over the others in the background and it could also extend the battery life. The process involves throttling JavaScript Tabs and it will not have any impact on background activities, such as music and notifications.

4. Vertical Tabs

This is a new feature which is introduced in the edge 89 update, It is designed to make it easier for users to handle a large number of tabs as this feature will get your tabs to the left side of the window

5. PDF Documents Improvements

Some Minor Improvements like text selection, scaling options, unlock the option to autofill the date of birth field when viewing In the edge browser

6. Extensions Menu

This Feature will allow you to manage all your extensions easily as now edge has separate menu for it. this will be not available right now , this would be a server side update so you may expect this in the end of the march

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