These Free Tools Will Make Your Windows 10 Desktop Look Cool And Awesome, Easy Customization !!!

Obviously your normal looking desktop will make you bore, so lets make it cool and awesome, So I have specified some of my favorite tools which can make your pc look cooler than before. I personally use them to customize my own pc, these tools just need one time setup and they will work seamlessly without any error till you make changes to them

1. TaskbarX

This tool will get your windows taskbar icons on the center of the taskbar with a variety of animations and option, It can also change the icon positions to left and right too, it has various customization options , just try it one time you will use it forever, If you have any queries or problem in using or installing that, Check this out for solution

2. Lively Wallpaper

This open-source tool will let you to change your desktop wallpaper to a video/GIF/Video Streams/Shaders or a HTML Page. Also lets you to set interactive WebGL wallpapers which are powered by a lightweight chromium engine, The animation will automatically pause when you will run any full screen app/game to reduce memory usage.

3. Rainmeter

A Tool Which will let you to customize your windows 10 desktop or older versions too. You can add many widgets to the desktop to change the look and feel of your desktop and also it gets useful sometimes. Widgets like Clock , CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Disk Usage, Network Info's like IP address, Upload and Download Speed.

Rainmeter is a skin based tool so you can use amazing skins from other good creators too. check this out for many other skins

4. Microsoft's Web Widgets

Microsoft is testing a new feature called 'web widgets' in their canary builds.

This feature will allow you to pin your chromium edge WebView-powered widgets to the desktop, But for now you can only pin the MSN news widget to the desktop and the widget will float over other apps. If you will allow it to run in background then the widgets will work even you close the edge browser

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Wow! I never tried to customize my desktop this way... Will surely check this stuff out.

Bookmarked! Thanks for sharing :)

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Harish R Hashnode has tweeted about this article on twitter. I got interested in the topic and came here to read it 🔥