Ways To Make Your Pc 5x Faster !!!

So Basically, Everybody Needs A Good Performing PC, Nobody Likes To Have A Laggy Computer. But Unfortunately The PC Gets Slower In Few Months Or Years As Compared To The Performance Of The PC When It Was Bought Newly, Why Does It Happens? When You Use Your PC It Generates Many Junk Files On Its Own For A Temporary Purpose And It Doesn't Get Deleted After It Becomes Useless, So Here Are Few Steps To Remove All The Junk Files And Optimize Your Pc For The Best Performance :-

1. Disable Startup Apps

Some Apps Get Started On Its Own While You Turn On Your Pc, It Also Contains Few Apps Which You Don't Really Use It

To Disable Those Unwanted Startup Apps :-

  • Search "Startup Apps" On The Windows Search Option And Press The Startup Apps Windows Which Will Open In Settings App

  • Then It Will Show All The Apps Opted For Starting While The PC Boots , Just Simply Disable Those Which You Don't Want To Get Started When Your PC Boots

2. Remove All Junk Files

And Here I Will Tell You About How To Remove Those Junk Files I Was Talking Earlier

  • Press Win+R In Your Keyboard And Write %temp%
  • Press OK Or Just Simply Press Enter In Your Keyboard
  • Then After The Folder Gets Opened Press Ctrl+A And Delete All The Files , Don't Worry Your Personal Data Will Not Get Deleted
  • Do The Same Process In Prefetch Folder , Open It By Putting prefetch In Run Window

3. Delete Unwanted Apps From Your PC

This Is The Simplest Step In The Whole Blog, Just Delete The Apps Which You Don't Want It Again Because That Too Takes A Lot Of Disk Space Which Causes Slowness

  • Search Add Or Remove Programs In Windows Search Option And The Press The Top Suggested
  • And List Of Apps Which Is Installed On Your Pc Appears , You Could See It And Delete The Apps Which You Don't Want

4. Choose High Performance Plan

Usually, the OS will choose a balanced power plan for system operation. This may sometimes slow down the performance of your SSD. For a better operation of the drive, it is preferable to choose a high power plan for the system.

  • Go To Power Options From Control Panel
  • Click on the Create a power plan link in the left pane:
  • Select High performance, specify the name for your new plan and click Next
  • Once you perform these steps the new power plan will be added and activated

5. Upgrade To SSD

So What Is An SSD? SSD Is Also A Storage Same As Hard Disk Drive(HDD) But The Difference Between Them Is HDD Uses Disk To Store Data And While In The Other Hand SSD Uses Chip To Store All The Data Which Makes It Much Faster Than HDD, But Its Expensive Than HDD, If You Will Replace Your HDD With SSD You Will Be Able To See A Visible Speed Boost On Your PC , The Boot Time Will Get Reduced And The App Opening Time Will Get Reduced. In Short, The Response Time Will Be Reduced Which Will Make The PC Faster

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